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Yeturu Farms after 10 years of tedious and untiring research has developed Yeturu Farms Deccan Agave which is better than Mexican Blue Agave (Tequila) variety of plant. The results, quality and yield are better than Mexican Agave Variety. Further Mexican Agave takes 7 to 8 years for maturity and whereas the Deccan Agave developed by Yeturu Farms takes maximum 5 years for maturity to harvest the crop.

AGAVE: It is a genus of monocots native to the hot and arid regions of Mexico and the southern United States. It is a hardy desert plant, which requires no irrigation, no weeding and special care. Plant in the rainy season and harvest the crop after 4 to 5 years or earlier.

FARMING/ PLANTATION: Normally spacing of 6’x3’/ 9’X3’ Single line and 9’X3’ / 12’x3’ Single or double Line, plants population 1600/ 2400/ 3600 per acre, yield per Acre 70 To 100 Tons depending on rainy season and with minimum irrigation for 2 years will give very good yield and income.

PLANTS / PUPS/ NURSERY: PUPS/ NURSERY of age 9, 18 & 27 available at Rs.130/-, 250/- and 380/- each respectively and Plants at Rs 500/- each, 10 to 15% escalation applicable, excluding any prevailing Taxes & Transportation charges.

INCOME/ REVENUE: The price per ton at Farm will be Rs 2500/- To Rs 7000/- Per/Ton depending on BRIX’s 24 To 36 Sweetness content and gross Income Rs 3 To 7 Lakhs Per acre over a period of 4/5 years after plantation in the field as main crop, grows proportionately depending on rains/ climate/ free or purchase of Pups by Farmer.

INVESTMENT PROPOSAL: All are invited to invest Rs 3 to 6 Lakhs in the farming against which land of ½ to 1 Acre will be purchased jointly in the name of investor and Yeturu Farms, the balance of amount after purchase of land will be utilised for  growing of Agave and the income out of the farming will be shared at 60% / 40% basis (60% to YF) after the expanses and after 5th year the investor is at liberty to take his land and do whatever way or may continue with Yeturu Farms. Further free shares equaling 10% of the investment will be issued at Rs 300 per share with a locking period of 5 years (Negotiable in the Locking period) in the company M/s Yeturu Deccan Agave Limited established for production Syrup/ Nectar/ Sugar/ Inulin and Alcohol (Tequila) and various products. The investor will get TAX free income from the farming and also dividends against the shares and sure the share value will rise by 100% to 500% as there is no such type of Farming or industry coming up in future also.

DIRECTOR SHIP: Those who invest Rs 10 Corers individually or through a group of share holder who have invested in purchase of land individually will be eligible for director ship.

FRANCHISE: Farmers/Co-operative societies and industrialists who have the capacity to grow Agave in multiples of 200 Acres and above every year for 5 years and having capacity to establish facility  are welcome for negotiations. Further we are prepared to establish the facility if Agave is grown and supplied to us at Factory to be established around the cultivation area within an radius of Km 20.


AGAVE HONEY/NECTAR: Agave honey is a natural sweetener commercially produced from of agave. Agave honey is sweeter than honey. Different types of Agave honey original, dark, light and white are made. It is used extensively as additives in soft drinks, alternative to bee honey, bread spreads, toping on the cakes, alternative to sugar in coffee and Tea..Etc. (Below shown market brands)

AGAVE SUGAR: Extracted from Agave, this powder is 1 & 1/2 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. (Below shown market brands)

AGAVE INULIN: Extracted from Agave, this powder is an excellent source of dietary fiber and acts as a prebiotic to support intestinal health. It has a very low impact on blood sugar levels making it ideal for diabetics. (Below shown market brands)

AGAVE ALCOHOL: Agave alcohol is made from the agave plant, which, when its leaves are sheared, leave a massive pit referred to in Spanish as the “pina” or pineapple. The agave juice that will be fermented and distilled into Agave Alcohol comes from heating and crushing the piña. Agave alcohol produced in Mexico is called Tequila. (Below shown market brands)

AGAVE POWER (BAGASSE): Agave Bagasse is dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from the ‘pine’. This bagasse is utilized as a biofuel to generate power.

AGAVE FIBRE: It is made from the leaves of Agave plant. It yields a stiff fibre used in making various products like ropes, bags, composite materials for cars, furniture and construction as well as in plastics and paper products.

AGAVE GAS/POWER: Green Field Project; 50% Subsidy will be given by Govt of INDIA. Bio-Gas/ Electricity is produced from the Agave leaves waste after the fibre is removed.

AGAVE CARBON POINTS: Carbon points can be earned for growing Agave in large scale cultivation and also the power produced from it as it is green power.

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